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What Is Personal Style?

PERSONAL STYLE is ever-evolving and elusive at best. So how do we define it? By the clothes we choose to throw on our backs? Not that I disagree, but is that the whole story? No, and here’s why.

There are so many factors that impact a person’s style. What can contribute to a person’s style can be as broad or specific as the places you eat, what you read and watch, your daily and sporadic rituals, your friends and family, and your aesthetic, to name a few. Style is the sum of a person’s environment and evolution.

For me, fashion is one of the main ways I express myself, and it’s reflected in my personal style.

However, you do not need to have a knowledge of fashion to have great style. Fashion is about clothes, but style is about the person. Personal style reflects the decisions you make about how you would like to present yourself to the world.

Originally, I started this because I get asked a lot of style questions (where I shop, where I eat, how I do my hair and make-up, etc.), and I wanted to create a space where I could share my ideas and advice. But, not everyone is interested in the way I curl my hair. I want to share more than just my personal style. I want to share other people’s style stories.

My hope for this website is that, by interviewing people from all walks of life who interpret style in different ways, it becomes a space where diverse personal style runs rampant.

Above all, I believe personal style should be fun. It’s a means of expression.

Remember: Trends may come and go, but individuality lasts forever.