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3 Apr


Don’t you hate it when people use art as backdrops for photoshoots?

Already you’re thinking, “quel hypocrite.” Fair enough but bare with me for a sec.

Pathetically borrowing from Carrie Bradshaw: Posing in front of Frank Stella’s “Paradoxe sur le comediene, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Do we debase art by using it as a backdrop?

Now I don’t know if every artist is rolling in their grave/clenching their fists in rage over the throngs of people using their art for the ‘gram, but I think Frank—can I call him Frank?— would be okay with my photoshoot and here’s why:

The interaction between the viewer and the art is of little consequence to Frank who signed the papers years ago, divorcing his paintings from any possible narrative. As he neatly put it, “What you see is what you see.” To Frank, it’s merely a canvas with paint on it. Fair enough. But having studied art history, I cannot tell you how weird it is to only look at the face value of a piece of art. It’s as if Frank has removed his art from the lofty art historical pedestal and the very idea of the artist as genius which we have all come to crave when visiting an art museum. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem as controversial to use his work in a photo shoot.

Frankly, I don’t think he would care.



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