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26 Nov

Grotesque Statuesque

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “Where did she take these photos?”

I used to work at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and of the many perks, my favorite was my Met Employee ID. I would waltz into the museum like I owned the damn place and impress the pants off of whoever was with me with an all-access tour from tip to tail. It was the HOLY GRAIL of boss-dom, and I would probably trade my eggs to get another one.

Now you’re asking yourself, “why don’t you have a Met ID anymore?” Well for starters I don’t work at the museum anymore, which is a tragedy in itself, but also because my careless, foolish twin sister lost it in LA. It was a senseless hardship that I may never recover from mainly because I still had nine months of good use on it. And that kids, is how Alicia fell off the trust tree. The End.

Disclaimer: This is my attempt at a joke. I love and trust my sister…98% of the time. Face it, Alicia, you will never hear the end of this. But I guess I should forgive you considering you lent me this skirt for the shoot.

But I digress…

My favorite place to take people was the Executive Wing roof—where this photoshoot took place—because anything with the word “executive” is worth having a look at, right? These grotesques—We’re calling them grotesques until someone corrects me**—are only visible from the façade and, in my opinion, that view does not do them justice. If you ever find a friend who works at the Met, beg them to take you up there. It’s a prime spot at the museum, and every time I would go up there I would have a “pinch me” moment and thank all the celestial beings for this experience.


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Disclaimer: The day Tony and I shot this it was bloody hot outside. Wearing all black and covering your face with mesh is not a good idea when it is 91 thousand damn degrees! I just kept thinking “Jesus be a raindrop or central air, because I cannot breathe.” Seriously. We were dealing with humidity and sweat in places that should not exist. Tony, you’re a superstar photographer.

**It’s called a chéneau. That’s French for ornamental gutter. Hilarious! All this time I thought I was so cool, and it turns out I was taking people to the Met to show them the gutters!

Photography by Tony Tran

Isabella Serrani